Celebration Day

You’ve reached it! This is the page for the Broadcast Event!

When the countdown timer in the image above reaches zero, the Broadcast will begin in that box! That will happen on Thursday, 5 November at the start time listed for YOUR State or Territory below!

Celebration Day Times


Broadcast starts at

Song performances start at


























A Test Player will be running in that box on 4 November 9AM-3PM AEDT for you to check whether your internet will support you on the day

We will be running a test player on Wednesday 4 November at 9AM-3PM AEDT so you should click play on that and run it on all of the computers you intend to use on Celebration Day itself. Pretend it’s Celebration Day and check to see whether your internet will support you being on all of the computers you intend to use at once! If it works for the test player, it will work on Celebration Day as well!

What will the Broadcast be like?

Celebration Day begins with 30 mins pre-performance entertainment (pre-cut footage), showing how your students have engaged with the program and program song. 

We then invite you to join us in a ’10 second countdown’ before launching into the 1st performance of the song ‘You Wont Bring Us Down’.

In 2020, with an emphasis on themes of INCLUSION and RESILIENCE, there will be 3 versions of the song performed (one after the other) as follows:

Performance 1 – The Program Song (Lead by Cairns Schools, QLD)

Performance 2 – Auslan Translation of the Song (Lead by RIDBC Thomas Pattison School, NSW)

Performance 3 – Indigenous Language (Wajarri) version of the song – ‘Yamatji Remix’ (Lead by schools of the Yamatji Region, WA) 

We encourage schools to participate in all 3 versionsany one version, or any other version of the Program Song as works best for them and their school, and is in accordance with local health advice. For those schools unable to sing, we encourage you to perform the Auslan Translation, or choose from the plethora of ensemble arrangements available to you eg Big Band, Orchestra, String Orchestra, Ukulele  Ensemble, Recorder Ensemble, Boomwhackers, Percussion Ensemble, Marimaba Ensemble, Bucket Drums, Stick Percussion.

How long does the whole thing go for?

The entire Broadcast goes for about 50 minutes. 

What do I, the supervising teacher at my school for our Celebration Day event, have to do on the day?

Check the start time in YOUR State/Territory

Send the Broadcast link (this page’s URL) to all the teachers in your school who will be accessing the Broadcast.

Have your students seated 15 minutes prior to the Broadcast

Follow the instructions from John Foreman, our MC and well-known TV personality.

Have a great time! 

How soon will the recording of the Broadcast be made available following the live Broadcast?

We will aim to have the recording up a few hours from the end of the Broadcast event. It will be in the box where the image with the countdown timer is. 

Where do I get more information?

Click this link for a very comprehensive message about Celebration Day: https://mailchi.mp/1a1b5235e727/welcome-to-another-year-with-music-count-us-in-1041632 

Or contact Olga at olga@musicaustralia.org.au or by phone on 0423 841 400.

Wishing you a fantastic Celebration Day 2020,

The MCUI Team at Music Australia

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